Each year, lawmakers in Olympia take more of our tax dollars and pass bills that hurt our community and all of Eastern Washington.

Meanwhile, working families in the Tri-Cities are doing all they can to fill the gas tank, pay the bills, and provide for their families.

That's why local control is essential.

Better Schools

Mandates are expanding, enrollment in public schools is shrinking, and parents consistently have less of a say in the education of their children. We need an advocate in Olympia who will fight for both children and parents.

April has the experience and grit to defend our kids and put families back in the driver's seat. As the wife of a local school board member, she knows Olympia’s agenda for our children is wrong.

Reliable Energy & Good Jobs

The Tri-Cities is a world leader in clean, renewable energy – from nuclear to hydroelectric we’re leading the way to energy independence.

Unfortunately, the west side is trying to take it away. Breaching our dams and scarring our landscape with windmill farms is not the answer. Embracing reliable clean power not only turns the lights on but keeps them on.

Energy, along with agriculture and small business, are all part of what keeps our community prosperous, and all are at risk in Olympia.

Expanded Housing

The Tri-Cities has not been immune to the statewide housing crisis. While Seattle politicians raise taxes and fight over regulations, their urban policies only exacerbate our problems in the Tri-Cities.

We deserve the chance to find real solutions that fit our community, protect our way of life, and put homeownership within reach of all working families.